Are You Constantly Coughing, Sneezing or Feeling Ill?

Are You Constantly Coughing, Sneezing or Feeling Ill?

You may benefit from a dehumidifier installation or HVAC filter replacement in Selma & Wilson, NC

The air in your home or business is naturally filled with allergens and contaminants. These can be irritating to your lungs and cause ongoing health problems. The experts at Creech's Service Company Inc. can tackle all that air contamination with frequent HVAC filter replacement.

Other ways to improve your air quality include investing in:

  • An HVAC filter replacement
  • A damper adjustment
  • A dehumidifier installation
  • A whole-home air cleaner or humidifier

Trust our team to make the right suggestions to improve your air quality. Ask about an HVAC filter replacement for your unit in Selma or Wilson, NC now.

Dryer air leads to a healthier home

If you've never considered installing a dehumidifier, now is the time. A dehumidifier will work with your HVAC unit, and there are many benefits. Many homeowners are adding dehumidifiers to their home because:

  • Dry air is easier to cool and feels cooler than moist air, so you can run your AC less.
  • Reduced humidity decreases the chance of mold or mildew growing in your home.
  • Dust mites and other allergens can't thrive in a dry environment.

Don't wait another day to reap these benefits. Schedule your dehumidifier installation in Selma & Wilson, NC today.